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I had the great pleasure of attending the 2017 conference for SLSA this year. I was able to present a paper on the narrative structure of time in Braid and, best of all, I presented on the first day, in the first session, so I arrived and was basically done from the start!

The conference was fantastic. Lots of well known game scholars presenting on some fantastic topics on the lovely ASU campus in Tempe, AZ. This was my first conference completely solo; I've been to conferences several times before, but always with others I knew would be going. Despite that, it was a successful outing, if I do say so myself. Logistically, I drove there since it was only 5 hours away and I was able to secure lodging with an ASU grad student, so aside from the conference fees and the gas to get there, it was basically free. Along with that, my paper seemed to be well received and I met some super cool people, including lots of the writers, thinkers, and theorists I had been reading for years! Also, lots of free booze!

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